Welcome to Cancer Cure, Freedom from Cancer

Cancer Cure, a dream concept of Dr. Sandeep Roy, is an organisation dedicated to campaign for cancer awareness, cancer prevention and introduction of a revolutionary treatment of cancer.

  • Dr. Sandeep Roy

  • MD (Practice of Medicine), Advanced Expertise in Mistletoe Therapy (Germany) for Cancer Management

  • Dr. Sandeep Roy has been practicing in the field of cancer preventition for the past decade. He has taken efforts to create awareness about cancer for the past six years.
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  • The first Indian to introduce Mistletoe Therapy in India
  • A MD degree in Advanced Expertise in Mistletoe Therapy from the reputed Carl Gustav Carus Cancer Institute, Germany
  • Only Indian member of the Mistletoe Research Group
  • Frequently invited to speak at global conferences about cancer awareness, mistletoe therapy and patient case studies
  • Mistletoe Therapy
    (viscum album/lecitin)

  • Cancer Cure is glad to introduce the famous "Mistletoe Therapy (viscum album/lecitin)" for treatment of cancer. It is frequently prescribed in Europe by medical doctors including oncologists in addition to the conventional cancer therapies, radiation, surgery and chemotherapy.
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  • Training Seminar On Mistletoe Medication
  • Dr. Sandeep Roy will conduct a training seminar on mistletoe treatment and administration for Bangladeshi doctors

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  • Lecture on Misteltoe Therapy in Chicago, USA
  • Dr. Sandeep Roy has been invited to speak about Mistletoe Therapy in global cancer awareness conference in Chicago, United States

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  • World Medical Tourism Conference, Delhi
  • Dr. Sandeep Roy has been invited to speak about Mistletoe Therapy in the World Medical Tourism Conference to be held in Delhi, India